EmphyCorp Launches New Website and Introduces New All Natural EmphyClear ® Nasal Spray

EmphyCorp Press Release

EmphyCorp Inc. (www.emphycorp.com) is a privately funded pharmaceutical-based, drug discovery company that is currently engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of new “All Natural” drug remedies for pulmonary and respiratory conditions. The company directly targets medical conditions that degrade a patient's quality of life, such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and smoking.

EmphyCorp Inc’s vision is to market an effective alternative to steroidal nasal and COPD sprays. It is well documented in the literature, that long term use of steroids is toxic and that All Natural non-steroidal nasal and COPD sprays will be the solution of the future. EmphyCorp Inc. has developed and is placing a safer medical alternative in a doctor's hands for children that will eliminate the use of steroids and their side effects. EmphyCorp Inc. has developed a host of new drugs based on a patented proprietary technology platform, for these diseases. The company is already selling an All Natural Nasal Spray and has three additional drugs that are in their final clinical trial stages. End points for these human clinical trials, is the successful healing and treatment of pulmonary and respiratory diseases.

Currently, EmphyCorp Inc, is launching its No Prescription, All Natural, EmphyClear® Nasal Spray (8 Drug Patents) in the US, Canada, Mexico, and China. EmphyClear® Nasal Spray is clinically proven to immediately relieve congestion in both Children and Adults and has been judged to be as effective as Nasal Sprays with drugs. Consumers can purchase EmphyClear® Nasal Spray at a growing number of independently owned pharmacies, retailers, holistic stores, and online. The company also has eight drug patents for its non-steroidal EmphyClear® COPD Spray.

The company has retained a solid and admirable reputation, one that has become well-respected in the pharmaceutical industry. To this very day, EmphyCorp Inc., remains one of the only companies to have ever been granted an F.D.A. designation (the EmphyCorp Orphan Drug) for a class of rare pulmonary diseases known as Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD). EmphyCorp is looking to capitalize on an already bolstered reputation and succeed in providing a feasible and effective solution for patients suffering from pulmonary or respiratory conditions. We believe that the world will be hearing more and more about the innovative proprietary technology that EmphyCorp Inc, has developed and the EmphyClear® Nasal and Lung Spray series of products.

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