Doctor Testimonials

 "As soon as my practice began carrying EmphyClear OTC, I started receiving praise from my patients. When the fall season rolls around, my practice becomes inundated with patients who would typically be suffering from sinusitis and nasal congestion. EmphyClear OTC is truly an effective solution that is proven to immediately help reduce nasal congestion and assist in airway relief. It's about time I can recommend a non-steroidal and non-saline nasal spray for the patients I care deeply about!” –Dr. Jacob Rowengartner.


 “I am a pediatric physician who is consistently presented with young patients who suffer from one of the many illnesses picked up at school. Nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing and the impaired ability to breathe are all common obstacles that I am faced with daily. I am usually weary when prescribing a steroidal spray to children, but once I was presented with the opportunity to recommend EmphyClear, I could be at ease knowing that I was medically providing an all natural nasal decongestant spray.” –Harry Schwartz, M.D.