Stanley E. Katz, Ph D

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Dr. Katz is the inventor of the first four N115 patents for pulmonary disease applications, and the co-inventor with Dr. Alain Martin on others. Dr. Katz served as President and coordinated all scientific and technological development of N115 in the early years. His experience in directing scientific projects, working with federal agencies, and helping commercialize products has contributed to EmphyCorp's success today. Dr. Katz brings 44 years of experience in guiding research, industrial consulting and writing research grants and publications in scientific journals. As Chairman of the Biochemistry and Microbiology Department at Rutgers University for 11 years, he gained extensive organizational, management and budgetary skills. Dr. Katz is also the inventor on another patent that was granted on technology that resuscitates: injured cells and he has played a major role in developing new products based on this technology.

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