Safety of Pyruvate for Nasal Products and List of Products with Pyruvate

Sodium Pyruvate

Sodium Pyruvate is a natural and ubiquitous biochemical antioxidant component of the human mammalian system that is critical to cells and the survival of mitochondria, the power house of all living cells. It is involved in a myriad of biochemical reactions, and is a critical and necessary component involved in the biochemical cascade leading to the Krebs Cycle reactions.

Sodium Pyruvate is normally metabolized through this cycle that provides energy to the cells. Sodium Pyruvate has been studied for over 100 years with over 33,000 publications in peer review journals, providing ample data as to its safety and mechanism of actions that demonstrate Sodium Pyruvate is an anti-oxidant and is critical to all cellular function and morphology.

Sodium Pyruvate can immediately be used in OTC Nasal Products as an antioxidant. As with many products that contain sodium Pyruvate (Neosporin, Lubriderm, Vaginal Products, Viva Eye Drops, Ringers Solution, Human IV Solutions, and solutions to store red blood cells by the Red Cross and store human organs for transplant), it is listed as a non-active antioxidant ingredient.

Sodium Pyruvate is considered GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA and it has been administered to patients for a variety of medical disorders by oral, intravenous, or topical administration and applications including:

  • Therapeutically and diagnostically in the treatment of Friedreich’s ataxia
  • As a constituent in a therapeutic solution used in open heart surgery, kidney surgery, and eye surgery
  • Hyperkeratotic disorders, to treat mitochondrial diseases and as an oral dietary supplement
  • Sodium Pyruvate is also a component in organ transplant media that is being used to preserve human lungs, hearts, and other organs for human transplants

The FDA approved transplant media contains Sodium Pyruvate ranging from 10mM to 32mM to keep the organs safe and functional for longer periods of time. There were no observations regarding safety for this compound.

EmphyCorp, Inc. has discovered and patented the use of Sodium Pyruvate as an inhaled antioxidant that reduces the levels of oxygen radicals that are produced from the use of many compounds including nasal saline. Sodium Pyruvate reduces nasal irritation (sting) from nasal saline formulas and can safely treat sinus diseases including congestion. Sodium Pyruvate is a natural antioxidant and as an antioxidant it has been shown to significantly reduce inflammatory agents throughout the human body including the lungs and nasal cavities. The inflammatory agents that are reduced include hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide, IL-8, TNF, and other inflammatory agents produced by oxygen radicals.

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