Patient Testimonials

“After constantly suffering from sinusitis, rhinitis and post-nasal drip, I was fed up with using over the counter "solutions" that were supposed to provide me with relief. I went to my doctor and spoke to him about a new prescription spray that would greatly benefit my condition. I am happy to say that since I received EmphyClear Script, not only has my congestion been M.I.A., but I can finally breathe when I go to sleep!” –Nancy Tannenbaum


 “I suffer every single day during the spring and summer seasons because of my allergies. I am allergic to mold spores, pollen, ragweed and everything under the sun. I wake up and automatically I am overwhelmed with congestion. I would usually use a nasal spray that I could find over the counter or had laying around the house. Once I became introduced to EmphyClear OTC, let's just say I could finally grow my victory garden that I always wanted without developing Hay fever. Thank you EmphyClear OTC!” –Franklin Horowitz 


 I’ve used a nasal steroid spray for allergy and chronic nasal congestion problems for years. I started using EmphyClear a little more than a year ago when I was having severe nasal congestion at night.

I have Sleep Apnea, and I use a C-pap nasal mask to keep my airways open when I sleep. When my sinuses are too congested, I can’t breathe through the nasal mask at night.

I tried several different things to try to open my sinuses from nasal constrictors to other types of salines. While nasal constrictors worked, it was only effective for a few days, and the side effects made them a less than viable option. Other salines did not work well at all.

When I first tried EmphyClear, my sinuses soon cleared up enough that I could sleep with the C-pap’s nasal mask. My sinuses would even clear up all the way and stay clear through the night. What a difference it made in my sleep. My days have been much better since I’ve been able to have better and deeper sleeps.

I use EmphyClear now in the morning or during the course of the day when I am congested, and it works very well for me without getting the nose bleeds or dry nose sneezing that I used to get with the nasal steroid sprays. EmphyClear has made a big difference in improving the quality of my life. --John, Hamilton Square, New Jersey