Concussions Treatment®

Concussions Treatment (Patented Rx Technology)

  • N115 Nasal Spray Increase SaO2 levels and reduces hypoxemia that can cause brain damage and death.

Non-Steroidal Alzheimer’s Nasal Spray®

Non-Steroidal Alzheimer’s Nasal Spray (Patented Rx Technology)

  • Alzheimer’s Nasal Spray – Patented Rx Technology
  • In Alzheimer’s Patients, our Patented Non-Steroidal Alzheimer’s Nasal Spray for Adults was shown to increase SaO2 levels and eliminated hypoxemia.

Non-Steroidal COPD Nasal Spray®

Non-Steroidal COPD Nasal Spray (Patented Rx Technology)

  • Non-Steroidal COPD Nasal Spray for Children/Adults has been shown to help relieve clinical symptoms and improve lung function in US Phase I/II/III Clinical Trials
  • Completed US Phase I and Phase II  Clinical Trials for COPD/Asthma/Cystic Fibrosis and completed a Phase III Clinical Trial for Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)
  • Received US FDA Orphan Drug Designation in 2005 for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)
  • Patented Rx Technology also included an Oral Spray version

Unmet Needs Breathing Treatment-Diabetic-Hypertensive Patients®

Unmet Needs Breathing Treatment for Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients (Patented Rx Technology)

  • N115 Nasal Spray is a safe, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory formula to treat any or all their sinus or lung respiratory problems.
  • Patients with Diabetes and/or Hypertension should not take Steroid based Sprays because they are counter-indicated with the drugs taken for Diabetes and Hypertension treatment.

Flu Treatment®

Flu (Patented Rx Technology)

  • N115 Nasal Spray reduced the number of Flu infections by 56 % and reduced the  duration and severity of the flu in 367 patients over two years.
  • N115 Nasal Spray clinically and significantly reduced coughing/sneezing, reduced headaches and body aches, increased Sa02 levels, improved breathing while increasing nasal nitric oxide to kill invading virus’s.

COVID-19 Long Haulers (Long COVID) Treatment®

COVID-19 Long Haulers (Long COVID) Treatment (Patented Rx Technology)

  • There are approximately 12 million Americans with COVID-19 Long Hauler Symptoms that are at serious risk of developing Pulmonary Fibrosis.  Patients with Pulmonary Fibrosis have an increased risk and susceptibility to COVID-19 infection, which can reach a mortality rate of 50%.  
  • In a Phase III Clinical Trial in Miami with COVID-19 Long Haulers, N115 Nasal Spray clinically and significantly reduced coughing/sneezing, reduced headaches and body aches, increased Sa02 levels, and improved breathing, as reported on

Our Drug Pipeline

Our Drug Pipeline

N115 Nasal Spray has demonstrated consistent efficacy with 1,000+ US Clinical Trial Patients and 1,000+ Chinese Clinical Trial Patients showing no known side effects for all lung and sinus diseases tested including Chronic Congestion, COPD, Asthma, Pulmonary Fibrosis, CF, Allergic Rhinitis, Chronic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, and Flu. Completed successful Phase III Clinical Trials for Pulmonary Fibrosis, COVID-19, and COVID-19 Long Hauler Symptoms.

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COVID-19 Treatment®

COVID-19 Treatment (Patented Rx Technology)

  • In a Phase III Clinical Trial in Miami, active COVID-19 Infected Patients showed a reduction of viral titers with N115 that were reduced by over 1.2 logs, from 100,000 viruses to under 9,000 by day 6.4 days vs 10.3 days for untreated covid infected patients, which means our N115 Nasal Spray was very effective in reducing the symptoms, coughing/sneezing, fatigue, and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Cancer Pre-Treatment®

Cancer Pre-Treatment (Patented Rx Technology)

  • Drug Free Cancer Pre-Treatment – Patented Rx Technology
  • In Cancer Patients, our Patented Non-Steroidal Nasal Spray for Adults was shown to increase Nitric Oxide levels, which is used by the body to kill cancer cells and decrease hypoxemia.


Smoking Cessation Oral Spray (Patented Rx Technology)

  • Smoking Cessation Oral Spray – Patented Rx Technology
  • Smoking Cessation Oral Spray for Adults was shown to help relieve the need to smoke and Improve lung functions in a Clinical Trial.